By using the efoodbox, your goods will profit of the highest protection possible, thus enabling safe deliveries to your customers. Isn’t that the least what your customers deserve?

Our strengths

Protecting your temperature sensitive goods by offering you our solid and monitored efoodbox.

Secure temperature for 36 hours

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Our efoodbox allows you to ship your temperature sensitive sendings during the winter and summer to your customers in safe conditions up to 36 hours.

Tailormade formulas

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We offer to our customers different formulas appropiate with their needs.

Climate room testings

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We plan as a standard option one or more testings in our climate room with your products.

Intelligent monitoring

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Efoodmonitor allows you to follow online the temperature status of your shipments.

Interesting logistics model

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Working with the efoodbox allows you to optimize your transports

A green and completely recyclable solution

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If used under ordinary transport conditions, the same box can be re-used 2 to 3 years without loss of quality. In the meanwhile you are contributing to a better environment.

Our mission

Our ambition is to provide a reliable and secure logistic solution to our partners for the home delivery of their temperature sensitive goods.